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10 Best Sites Like JustDubs to Watch Dubbed Anime in English

One of the great and most suitable for their anime streaming is JustDubs. The most unfortunate thing is that Just Dubs administrator has shut their website down. They have an excellent user interface that makes it easy for users to browse their films in a vast range of anime films and documentaries in the media.

JustDubs website contains both the HD quality subtitles and the translated ones. But some people are looking at anime streaming for more features and options. To do this, we have the top 10 alternatives to JustDubs here.

We have researched this on multiple websites with the most relevant features and solutions obtainable on the websites below. As a result, from below, users can pick their own best website like JustDubs. If you know about any other website for anime watching, you can select your website to watch online anime shows.

All the anime series are not available, so you can check the series on these websites, make fun and enjoyments, and then go through the website below to find a suitable alternative to JustDubs to watch the online anime series, Movies.

10 Best Sites Like JustDubs to Watch Dubbed Anime

We have a list of alternatives to JustDubs in this article. Anime lovers should go through the plans that you want the most from the sites below. You can pick someone who fits the criteria from the list below. Just Dubs can be a false sure if you see some warning like IDP. Generic, so please read the article to make sure.

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. AnimeHeaven 
  3. WatchDub
  4. GoGoanime
  5. Kissanime
  6. AnimeStreams
  7. Sidereel
  8. Anime Show TV
  9. CartoonCrazy 
  10. Animeland

JustDubs Alternatives to Watch Dubbed Anime


just dubs

Crunchyroll is at the top of JustDubs’ list of the best alternatives. It has an extensive collection of the most famous anime series on its website, with about 15,000 hours of around 25,000 episodes. This Crunchyroll provides its users with several new and world-famous anime series. They also subtitle the English language of their series, and they are dubbed in various languages. This website also offers all videos on this website with its High Definition (HD) service and 720p resolution.

To view this anime series, the user needs to register on this web site. This is best seen in different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, iOS, Chromecast, Xbox, Wii U, Roku Box, PlayStation, etc. It is possible to translate this web site’s content into various languages, such as French, Spanish, etc.


just dubs

For fans of anime, it’s a real paradise for consumers. Anime Heaven provides free movies and anime shows. By classifying their content and conveniently accessing the databases, this website supports its users. AnimeHeaven runs on almost all Windows and iOS operating systems. This website offers the high-quality download alternative provided by the customer.

The website is regularly updated and updated by the administrators of the Anime Heaven website. The biggest gain is that they have no commercials on their page and do not encourage visitors to redirect to any other website. They have the anime series in the annual collections as well. One of the best alternatives to JustDubs is this website.



One of Just Dubs’s ideal alternatives is WatchDub. It’s the same as they have on the Just Dubs website. For its consumers, WatchDub’s essential function is the multimedia player. Also, to watch translated anime, you can use YouTube. Read on your TV to activate YouTube.


GoGoanime is very popular since this website doesn’t need any introduction. They give the anime to their users from the date they are made. GoGo Anime produces numerous forms of content for its customers, including anime series, movies, cartoons, and even international shows. The media have the option of customizing their subtitles on this website.

Users can conveniently find their English subtitles on this GoGoanime. For the comfort of the customer, this offers a classified view of the content on this page. This page is better than Just Dubs, where the new episodes and open-source streaming are supported on this website.



Kissanime has controlled all other websites for a few months and is the most popular anime website. Where Kissanime offers its service to its customers free of cost, as they work for more distant days, they have the stability to give their customers more speed and optimization. One of the best solutions to JustDubs’s website is Kissanime. The anime movies and shows are provided to Kissanime; this is the perfect place to have fun making animated films. It also allows its users high quality for viewing HD anime movies.



One of the good alternatives to the JustDubs website is AnimeStreams. Also, for its seductive user interface, it is best known. This website uses a graphical user interface, and Just Dubs is very close to its content. AnimeStreams classified their anime episode, and because of the highly optimized, users experience a decent pace.



Sidereel is one of Just Dubs’s most popular websites for alternatives. This website is not planned to include anime, but it also consists of numerous movies, cartoons, dramas, and several TV shows. For the anime shows and films, Later Sidereel is better known, and that takes us here. Sidereel does not give the new update, but they have a selection of old anime series and have more films on the Sidereel website.



Chia-Anime provides its customers with the best user experience and free anime content. This website offers decent templates and a vast selection of anime videos, and the whole website is easy to navigate. The awesome Chia-Anime has a forum feature where people can connect and share their encounters with anime movies.

The material on the website of Chia-Anime is classified into different categories, such as trends, most famous, most-watched, and so on. This allows the client to linger on their website. On this page, the only thing that irritates the user is that they have more

advertising, and often the personal connections on the website redirect them to some other website. The JustDubs website is one of the better options.



Among the alternatives to Only Dubs, CartoonCrazy is one of the best. They have a wide selection of the best and most famous anime series. Users are not needed to build an account or register to access this website, and all users are granted an open-source account. The CartoonCrazy website provides the ideal user-friendly interface. It has also classified the anime shows to limit user search time for the episodes. It has been organized with different subtitle languages as Top-rated, most-watched, Trending; New delivers, etc.


just dubs

Animeland is one of Just Dubs’s better alternatives. They give their customers a free service. It does not require its users to build an account on its website, either. Animeland has more than 20 thousand series of anime for its subscribers. To make fun of their customers, the client will get high-quality anime series on their website in a dubbed format.

This website offers anime films in alphabetical order and several other related pages to save their users time. A paid edition and a standard version can both be used for consumers. This website is open source for all people. Customers make purchase subscriptions on the Animeland website.


Therefore, some of the better and ideal alternatives to JustDubs are the ones listed above. All the websites listed above are available free of charge, and there are some subscription plans for sites like Crunchyroll. We suggest choosing either of them by their preference if the Just Dubs are searching for the best option.


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