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10 Spy Apps To Monitor Your Kids Phone tracker Activities

How do I keep track of my adolescent’s text messages without them realizing it? Filtering unnecessary information is no longer a problem for raising teenagers; they will find a way to obtain these materials. It’s critical to keep track of who they see, hang out with, and the content of their text messages while they’re that age. Blocking and filtering are useful for children, but not for teenagers. They are monitoring spy apps.

How do you hold track of your kid’s text messages? Here are the best ten free Parental Control and Kids Monitoring spy apps; prevention is more comfortable than treatment, and these spy apps could be able to protect your child from pedophilia, stalkers, and school bullying. It is illegal to watch your spouse or partner, but it is lawful for parents to track their minor children.

These parental control or spy apps will watch your children’s whereabouts, see who they’re talking with, set regular screen time limits, and ban inappropriate websites. Some of these spy apps can record phone calls and emails, and others can provide you with the content of text messages and other messaging channels.

What are the Best Spy Apps for Parental Control?

While no parental-control service is flawless, Net Nanny’s combination of site filtering, location monitoring, and spy apps management on Android and iOS devices was the strongest. It’s also compatible with Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets and Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS computers that support Google Play. 

Norton Family came in second place. Unlike Net Nanny, it logs and monitors text messages, but only on Android devices. It enables you to hold an eye on Windows PCs but not Macs. Kaspersky Safe Kids is a good option for parents on a limited budget. Web tracking, time limitations, and app maintenance are included in the free package, and the full-featured premium plan is just $15 a year for an infinite range of computers, including PCs and Macs.


Android007 is the leading mobile tracking app that assists parents in keeping their children healthy and employees active. Depending on your needs and goals, it keeps track of text messages, call records, GPS coordinates, and much more. Android 007 gathers data from the target computer and sends it to your Control Panel (your username, which you’ll get after registering), which you can reach from any tab. Android007 for smartphones requires a rooted or non-rooted Android 4+ device, as well as an iOS jailbreak.

  • Read SMS
  • View Email
  • View Pictures
  • View Videos
  • Listen to Audios
  • Track Location
  • Read WhatsApp *Root*
  • Check Social Media *Root*
  • *Root* Obtain Passwords
  • Call Logs


mSpy is the most common and user-friendly program for keeping an eye on your children, avoiding fraud, and monitoring your employees’ success. Our mobile tracking app tracks all actions on the target smartphone, including call log history, GPS location, calendar notifications, text messages, emails, site history, and much more! You will automatically begin accessing the monitored data after following our easy, step-by-step guidance on building your online mSpy account.

  • Manage Calls: With mSpy, you can see both incoming and outgoing calls, as well as their length and timestamp.
  • Map GPS Position – mSpy can be configured to track the target phone’s GPS location. Find out whether your son is where he should be or if your employee is still stuck in traffic.
  • Access Calendar and Address Book – Verify that all contacts in the phone’s address book are right, and keep track of all events on the phone’s calendar.


LogsKit is a smartphone tracking and reporting software that collects logs. The software sends logs to via your account, via cell data, or WiFi on the victim’s computer. LogsKit is the most powerful and undetectable Android Spy app available.

  • Access Text Messages: The ability to view sent, retrieved and deleted texts make this one of the better Spying apps around.
  • GPS Monitoring – GPS tracking allows you to track a person’s precise location. View your new position as well as your location history logs.
  • Call recording – Listen to and log all incoming and outgoing phone calls to find out what they’re up to and what they’re discussing.
  • Browsing habits – Keep meticulous records about everything you do online, including the places you access and how much you do it. Keep track of which websites the children or staff frequent.
  • See Photos Taken – LogsKit allows you to see all of the photos they’ve saved on their phones and tablets.
  • Access call log info – You can look at call records to see who has contacted you, if any calls have gone unanswered, and the call’s time and date.

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free is a free program that helps you keep track of your children, avoid data loss, and control your employees’ productivity. Our smartphone tracking software records all of the target phone’s events, including SMS/MMS, call history, GPS location, emails, images, site history, and more.

  • SMS/MMS: Track the number of SMS/MMS sent and received.
  • Calls – Keep track of incoming, outgoing, and missing calls and register them.
  • GPS Coordinates – Monitor your children’s or employees’ whereabouts on the internet.
  • Photos/Videos – Keep track of all the pictures and images you take and get. Even deleted photographs and videos can be recovered.
  • Social Networks – Track messages sent and received from the most prominent social media platforms, such as WhatsApp and Facebook…
  • Remote control – take a picture of your phone, record ambient sound, take a snapshot, and so on.


Quester allows you to check everything on your child’s computer, including call logs with voice recording, sms, images, location contacts, and software use, as well as get email notifications with usage details. The user would not even be aware that anything is on their phone. Without identifying him, the app has additional features such as taking action photos, listing audio from the handset and taking screenshots.

Keep an eye on your kids’ phones. Quester allows you to keep track of anything that happens on your child’s phone, including call logs and voice recordings, SMS, photos, location contacts, and more.

  • Call Record: Establish an alter with a certain number to access the call log via voice recording.
  • SMS Tracker: Get a conversational view of incoming and outgoing texts.
  • Contacts: Get all of your communications from your computer, along with all of their activities, and export them as a CSV file.
  • Images: Get all of the photos that were shot with the camera; you can even get lost photos.
  • GPS Tracker: Get location information with a map view and get a clearer sense of the region.


All of your personal and target system data is housed in an underground nuclear facility constructed during the Cold War. SpyBunker is the global leader in tracking technologies for smartphones and computers. The nuclear bunker was turned into a cutting-edge data center in 1996. SpyBunker encrypts the information before uploading them to the Bunker for safekeeping. SpyBunker employs End-to-End Encryption, which ensures that you have the authority of and access to the data on your goal computer. But for you, not even SPYBUNKER employees or someone else!

  • Cell Spy
  • iPhone Tracking
  • Parental Control
  • Android Tracking
  • WhatsApp Tracking
  • Cell Tracker
  • Call Interception
  • Location Tracker
  • Snapchat Tracking
  • Tinder Tracking
  • Instagram Tracker
  • SMS Tracking
  • Cell Spy
  • iPhone Tracking
  • Music in the background


With SecureTeen, the ultimate parental control software, you can keep your children safe online and shield them from online threats. This parental control solution is built to protect your children from internet dangers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Filter Your Child’s Online Activities in Real-Time – Monitor your child’s online activity in real-time and disable links to objectionable content such as non-family-friendly websites and crime.

  • Ban Apps – If you don’t want your child to be able to use those apps, just block them. You may also restrict access to certain apps at certain times of the day.
  • Check Your Child’s SMS and Chat Messages – Check your child’s SMS and chat messages to see whether he’s sexting or exchanging offensive information with others.
  • WhatsApp Monitoring – Keep track of your children’s WhatsApp events.
  • Remote Management – Conveniently track, manipulate, and protect your child’s online activity from any location and at any time.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny helps you to track and manage your children’s internet use from afar. You can not only pick which websites you want banned on your children’s mobile, but you can also choose which types of websites you want to be blocked, such as those that include dating, are not family-friendly, or include cigarettes. You may also set it up such that if your child types in a certain keyword, such as “suicide,” you will get an alert.

  • Internet Filter – Take care of your online experience. Set up filters for 18 different types of online content to restrict, alert, or encourage viewing.
  • Ban Websites That Aren’t Family Friendly – Alert or block links to adult content.
  • Time Management – Limit your child’s online time to a certain amount of hours per day or to certain periods during the day.
  • Hide Profanity – Browse a website without getting bombarded by profanity.
  • Social media monitoring – Keep an eye on your child’s social media presence for cyberbullying, sexual predators, and posts that might damage their reputation.

Norton Family

Norton Family parental management program protects the children from cyber abusers by displaying what they are doing online and detecting possible threats before they become issues.

  • Location Monitoring – Keep track of your children’s whereabouts with apps that enable you to map the location of their Android or iOS devices and see a 30-day log of where they’ve been.
  • Activity History – See what your kids are doing on their connected screens and how much time they’ve spent on their computers at a glance, so you can identify patterns and new behaviors quickly.
  • Scan Supervision – See what words, expressions, and phrases the children are looking for to learn more about their needs and shield them from harmful information.

My Mobile Watchdog

Access text messages, emails, call records, block apps and websites, find your kids, and many more from the dashboard. The KidsSafe app from My Mobile Watchdog teaches kids and parents about proper internet etiquette and constructive cyber attitudes.

According to research, as kids are taught and offered an opportunity to excel, they not only stop engaging in harmful cyber behavior, but they also become a big part of helping others do the same, making our schools and neighborhoods safer.

  • Messages – Go through your text messages and look at photos.
  • Calls – View call records and set notifications to be alerted immediately if your child is called by someone you don’t trust.
  • Contacts – Conveniently and rapidly update all of your child’s contacts. Create a contact list that has been authorized. Any unapproved contact will cause a warning.
  • Websites – Your child’s smartphone internet usage is logged and readily available. When your child tries to visit a blocked account, you’ll get a warning.
  • Locations – With GPS Location Tracking, you can keep track of your child’s whereabouts. My Mobile Watchdog maintains track of your child’s last 99 places.


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