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Best Watch2Gether Alternatives Updated for 2021

Watch2Gether alternatives come to your display when you are not able to play the videos on the Watch2Gether site or are in search for a new platform.

In case you are wondering what to use as a Watch2Gether Alternative, then this article will help you select based on your device usage. Watch2Gether Alternatives are ready to watch videos together with your family and friends as application and sites to be used on any platform.

What Is Watch2Gether?

Watch2gether has been a great platform to let you watch videos together in real-time with anyone at a distance. It’s a way to watch movies, TV shows, popular YouTube videos, along with the ones who share common interests. Furthermore, people can interact with each other while watching videos together.

Watch2Gether lets you stream the videos at a platform, where you can watch videos together with your family and friends. So This is way to be at your place and enjoy watching movies or your favorite shows along with others. So No need to wait for everyone just together at one home to protect the finale of your favorite TV series now.

Top 6 Watch2Gether Alternatives

If you are facing trouble streaming with Watch2Gether, and you want to try any of these services to watch videos together. Then One of the Watch2Gether alternatives at such times can come to your release. We have engaged the most trusted names which are sure to work for you in streaming videos for different people altogether.

List of Top Best Alternatives of Watch2Gether

1. MetaStream

2. CyTube

3. Sync Video

4. SyncPlay

5. &chill

6. Rave


MetricStream is a browser-based platform to let you watch videos together with other users. Even so, You can create a room and add videos on it to play in synchronization with other users. Now Enable the room settings by limited the number of users or make it public or private. Please share the link of your room by copy-pasting it on other platforms.

Here You will be required to add an extension on Chrome and Firefox to play the media. Besides, you can join the session with Discord apps on the server. Make a playlist and sit to enjoy the videos running one after another, with your friends and family in real-time.

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CyTube is an excellent option to watch videos commonly with other users. You can log in and create a description to play your videos with your bunch of friends. This works because an excellent Watch2Gether alternative to watch videos together in real-time. If you want to watch something from those channels, search the name of the show or movie and join the room. Interact, among others in the chatbox, which is placed next to the video player. Therefore Enjoy your common interest with users over each corresponding platform from a web browser on a PC or smartphone.

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Sync Video

Sync Video will work for you to watch videos together with your friends for Vimeo and YouTube videos. It’s a free service for all and can be used by unregistered members too. So, You can invite buddies by the Invite button, and also it will let you share the link of your room. Sync Video is Watch2Gether alternative will allow you to create a space with a randomly generated username, and this keeps you safe and secure from revealing your identity.

In case you do not want to share personal information or accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, you can note down the link address and share it with your friends over messages. However, Interact with your friends over the chat room, which is located right under the media player.

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Syncplay is a Platform which can be used as an alternative to Watch2Gether. Although This requires you to download the software on your PC, it will work with Skype. Therefore need to have an account on it as well along with other persons, who wish to join in to view a video together. SyncPlay allows you to share the videos played on the VLC media player and MPV media player. So, Each user needs to have the file locally stored in their PC. You can stream now YouTube videos in SyncPlay with a high-speed internet connection.

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&Chill is one of the best online platforms which you can access via a web browser to watch videos together with your friends. It’s a unique Watch2Gether Alternative where one can watch the videos in a theatre styled view. Pick a seat from the seating chart, and then you get a similar look concerning your position placed in the theatre.

Interaction with others is possible in the chatbox. Share the link to Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit to let others know regarding what you are watching. As well, ask others to join you with the link and use the service to watch videos together in real-time.

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Rave is a great software which allows you to stream videos from Viki, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, along with Google Drive and also Dropbox. As well, You can use the application to stream Watch2Gether Netflix shows with your friends in real-time while talking to them on VoIP calls.

It’s a useful Watch2Gether alternative which can be used for more than watching videos.Here, you can stream music along with creating your mix, be a Rave DJ and live your dream with being an internet DJ. So Appreciate conversing with others right in the application while you watch your videos. However, The best part about it is that it allows you to stream videos from local storage as you upload it on Dropbox or Google Drive.

App for AndroidApp for iOS.


These are some Watch2Gether alternatives which will come in handy if you are facing trouble with the former site. These apps, like Rave, can be very efficiently used on your smartphones. Such Other options like &Chill and SyncTube are also useful to stream and watch videos together.


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