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Top 10 Best Raspberry Pi OS List for Multiple Purposes

Rasberry Pi is the most famous SBC – Small Board Computer around the globe. It can do essentially all that a personal computer can do and appropriate for all ages who are quick to investigate processing. Raspberry pi os list accompanies all the product; you need for essential processing.

However, in the event that you need to stretch out the functionalities somewhat, you should take OS running on your gadget. It proceeds as an extension between the client and raspberry pi os list equipment. Raspberry pi OS list is the most critical program that causes you to create and execute programs. It empowers the equipment to speak with the product for creating significant associations.

Additionally, it oversees CPU, memory, circle drives, printers, builds up UI, and offers types of assistance for applications programming. In spite of the fact that Raspbian is the official Raspberry Pi OS list, there are other option working frameworks accessible out there you can run on the Raspberry Pi OS list ventures.

Best Raspberry Pi OS List

Rasberry and other working frameworks like OpenELEC, OSMC, RISC OS are answerable for making the Raspberry Pi OS list framework so mainstream among the designers. You ought to pick the most reasonable working framework for you from the top Raspberry Pi OS list underneath.

1. Raspbian

2. DietPi




6. Windows IoT Core

7. Lakka

8. RaspBSD

9. RetroPie

10. Ubuntu Core

Top 10 Best Raspberry Pi OS List

1. Raspbian

This is the official OS, and it tends to be utilized on all models of Raspberry Pi OS list. This free working framework is known as the adjusted form of the famous OS Debian. It can fill all the overall needs for the Raspberry clients. One can enjoy any task advancement or model structure and anticipate any help from this OS.

Bits of knowledge of Raspbian OS

• You can introduce the arrangement wizard that permits clients to set up another secret word, username and interface with a wifi organization.

• Overcome the pi gadgets’ mainstream security concern known as the pi/raspberry and disposes of the problem to go on the web.

• Due to the distinction in detail, numerous applications don’t run on all Raspberry models, yet Raspbian has filled this hole.

• The Recommended Software Tool permits you to download any product on the off chance that you are associated with the web at whatever point you need it.

• Offers highlights like looking, toolbars design, key format alternate ways, thumbnails, and multi-page controlling with the recently presented device preview.

• Preboot execution Environment has empowered clients to boot their Raspberry utilizing a focal worker through Ethernet.

2. DietPi

On the off chance that you are searching for an amazingly light Debian OS, dietPi may be the most ideal decision. It tends to be alluded to as 3x lighter than the other Raspberry Pi OS accessible out there. Additionally, the establishment is truly simple and mechanized. In the event that you arrange dietpi.txt prior to driving on, no client info will be required.

Bits of knowledge of DietPi

• Diet Processing Tool that accompanies the bundle causes you decide the introduced projects’ need level and control schedulers.

• You can change the presentation of the equipment and programming while customization capacity is additionally accessible.

• Uses the base space in Ram, which helps run your single-board PC in the most extreme potential, and the picture’s size begins at simply 400MB.

• Introduces lightweight Whiptail menus that set aside less effort to execute the order line.

• Suitable for the new clients, and the exhibition is supported as you can control the measure of logging as indicated by your need utilizing DietPi-Ramlog.

• just like establishment, refreshing is likewise made naturally in dietPi OS. When there is an update accessible, you won’t have to compose a picture for refreshing the framework.


LIBREELC is a minuscule and open-source JEOS. It is frequently contrasted and OpenELEC, despite the fact that the boot time is a lot quicker in LIBREELEC. Much the same as other Linux distros, it offers spines for predated equipment. It was dispatched on 4 April 2016 and planned to carry major imaginative enhancements to create preferable media yield over OpenELEC.

Bits of knowledge of LIBREELEC OS

• You can introduce this OS inside under 20 minutes. It accompanies clear directions, a SD maker application, and an installer moreover.

• If you have experience running Kodi, you will be open to running this OS on your Raspberry.

• Boots up inside a couple of moments, and you can explore and open media to devour without confronting any difficulty.

• Uses the stock Kodi and offers standard customizations. Additionally, it has a lot of addons accessible that you can introduce whenever.

• It is overseen by a group of designers and guarantees to get refreshes each month.

• Works intimately with Kodi and consistently fixes while keeping up security remain the essential worry as usual.


This is the best Raspberry Pi OS list on the off chance that you are wanting to work or oversee media content. It is an open source programming that delivers an excellent interface and simple to utilize highlights. To tell you, this product depends on Kodi OS, which is fit for offering help for essentially any media content.

Bits of knowledge of OSMC OS

• It accompanies a few adjustable implicit pictures that permit Raspberry to create excellent recordings, pictures, and other media substance.

• It sets aside a short effort to finish the establishment, while you can set up a HTPC experience inside a couple of moments.

• Considered as the beneficiary to OS like Raspbmc and Crystalbuntu. Be that as it may, the accessibility of a wide scope of bundles builds its cost too.

• You will never need to refresh the OS physically. All things being equal, it will refresh itself naturally once consistently.

• Offers an extraordinary application place like google play store. You can download, introduce, and begin utilizing the necessary applications at whatever point you need.


There are many single-board PCs and SoC that are utilizing ARM processors. For example, Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi, Rockchip 3328, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, etc. RISC OS is the best Raspberry OS as it is planned to serve ARM processors. Improves the exhibition and productivity of the framework too.

Bits of knowledge of RISC OS

• Designed by the first creator of ARM. It is a novel open-source working framework for Raspberry Pi.

• You can not relate this OS with the Linux circulation framework or Windows. Plus, it is kept up by a devoted group of volunteers.

• If you are an amateur or have never worked with Raspberry, this probably won’t be a reasonable OS.

• RISC is a lot of not the same as any sort of Linux distro or Windows accessible out there. It will require some investment to become accustomed to the climate offered by RISC.

• It is a solitary client OS and works agreeable performing various tasks known as CMT. Made sure about from OS debasement and boot time is one of the quickest.

• Employing preemptive performing various tasks and multi threading, RISC has chosen to stay with the CMT framework.

6. Windows IoT Core

This is an incredible Raspberry Pi OS list. Uniquely intended for composing refined projects and making models. It was expected to serve the designers and developers. It has empowered the coders to make IoT ventures utilizing Raspberry Pi and Windows 10. You can check a ton of Microsoft ventures recorded on their site.

Bit of Knowledge of Windows IoT Core OS

• This working framework centers around security, availability, venture advancement, and coordination with the cloud.

• Unlike different OS recorded in this article, you can not utilize it on the off chance that you don’t have Windows 10 running on your gadget.

• It accompanies Microsoft Visual Studio, and you should utilize it to provide any order or work with different applications.

• You won’t see the full kind of Windows Shell. All things considered, it just permits a solitary Universal Windows Program application and foundation measures.

• It is viable with ARM, and IoT center can be utilized on SBCs like Raspberry Pi.

• IoT center can be mixed with sensors like cameras, PIR sensors, servos, and temperature sensors to broaden the ease of use.

7. Lakka

Lakka is an extraordinary Raspberry Pi OS. You should attempt this OS on the off chance that you intend to create PC games or even mess around on a solitary board PC. It can transform your Raspberry into a gaming console, and you won’t require a console or mouse. Plus, it delivers a wonderful UI and a small bunch of customization highlights.

Bits of knowledge of Lakka OS

• You can introduce it on your SD card effectively, or in the event that you need, you can utilize it running live.

• It can give an incredible encounter of utilizing game regulators like PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo. In any case, the OS is free and lightweight.

• Comes with a committed arrangement of equipment. In the event that you don’t possess a PC or Raspberry, you can purchase this set, which will cost just $30.

• It handles and cycles processing power for running match-ups utilizing a libretro center. It is likewise the official OS of RetroArch and the libretro environment.

• It permits the client to associate a few USB joypads. Burns-through less force and runs easily on Raspberry and other low-end equipment designs.

• Developed and sponsored by a gathering of engineers, planners, and gamers.

8. RaspBSD

It is an open-source picture that comes from FreeBSD 11. The designers have preconfigured it in two pictures for use in Raspberry Pi. Despite the fact that it doesn’t work like a Linux dispersion, it is basically the equivalent. The Berkeley Software Distribution has created it, and now it is one of the broadly utilized single board OS.

Bit of knowledge of RaspBSD OS

• This working framework is lightweight, and a large portion of the mainstream game consoles are utilizing its code, for example, PlayStation 4 and macOS.

• Intended to assist newcomers with building ventures uThis project is regularly updated and uses only publicly available tools. 

9. RetroPie

It is another Raspberry Pi OS that has been built based on the Debian software library. It is the best OS for emulating retro games on a single-board computer like Raspberry, ODroid C1/C2, or even PC. It provides a modern and user-friendly interface. RetroPie is the best emulator for the Raspberry Pi SBCs.

Bit of Knowlege of RetroPie 

  • RetroPie uses the EmulationStation frontend and SBC to generate the best retro gaming experience for its users. 
  • It comes with a special preloaded SD card image that can boot the OS without facing any trouble. 
  • It is one of the very few OS that can be operated by installing on top of another operating system. 
  • It started its journey as an Emulation Station application but now has grown up to serve ARM-based devices. 
  • With the package, you will get themes for emulating IoT devices, running media-player, and besides, more than 50 other applications come pre-installed. 
  • You will be able to run x86 pc games using the emulator known as Exagear. But Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is advised to use for the best performance. 

10. Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu is one of the widely used operating systems all over the world. This version of Ubuntu is designed for building and managing Internet of Things applications. This project is open source and backed by so many developers that you cannot even imagine. 

Bit of knowlege of Ubuntu Core OS 

  • Ubuntu has 20+ other derivatives. So that if you decide to use Core, you will be a member of an active and welcoming forum.
  • Covers the basic sets of the platform, services, and technologies to work more efficiently with IoT projects. 
  • This OS is lightweight and highly secure. Besides, you can restrict each application and its data from other applications. 
  • Focuses on meeting the requirement of IoT devices and their distributors. 
  • Public and Private key is generated while two steps validation and authentication at every step makes it more secure. 
  • Several snaps like a core snap, a kernel snap, a gadget snap are used to build the Ubuntu Core system. 
  • You can distribute the application using Snaps that makes it easy to distribute through Linux distribution from a play store. 


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