Here’s Your Chance to Prove That You’re a Real ‘Hamilton’ Superfan


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"Hamilton" is all the rage, far from Broadway. (Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr)

Hamilton has been a huuuuuuuuuge success on Broadway. The hip-hop musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton costs like $900 for ONE ticket and wait times are more than a year.

This week, the cast of the show trekked down to D.C. to perform for the Obamas and a few super-lucky other people. The Obamas are themselves fans of the show, which has been hailed not just for being fun and smart but also for casting an extremely diverse group of performers.

Though the Founding Fathers were, obviously, white guys, almost no one in the cast of Hamilton is white. The show's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, was awarded a MacArthur Grant last year, AKA the "genius" grant.

So amid all this Hamilton insanity--lots of us are listening and listening to the soundtrack with little hope of getting into the show :( --we wanna know how well you know Ham.

These are 10 things you need to know (about Hamilton).


Eliza Hamilton sings in “Hamilton” that she founded New York City’s first private orphanage. Is that true or falsified for drama’s sake?

Drama. Good drama. But drama.

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay made a pact to write a series of 25 essays defending the new U.S. Constitution. They ended up writing way more than that: Madison wrote 29. Jay got sick after writing 5. Hamilton wrote …


When Angelica Schuyler sings “And when I meet Thomas Jefferson / I’ma compel him to include women in the sequel,” she’s referencing the Declaration of Independence. But she’s also subtly referencing …

“Common Sense” by Thomas Paine
the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments
the Bill of Rights

Aaron Burr’s daughter, Theodosia, was named for …

her grandmother
her grandfather
her older sister
her mother

What was the Reynolds Pamphlet?

A document written by A. Ham. confessing to his affair with Maria Reynolds
A ruling on the legal consequences of blackmail
A collection of letters telling James Reynolds to go F himself
A confession to Eliza Hamilton of Hamilton’s affair with Maria

True or false: the real Hamilton smelled “like new money” and dressed “like fake royalty.”

Totally true
A little skewed

What’s “The Ten Duel Commandments” based on?

Biggie Smalls’ “Ten Crack Commandments”
Coolio’s “1, 2, 3, 4”
Mos Def’s “Mathematics”
Jesus Christ Superstar’s “Trial Before Pilate”

True or false: Hamilton really did found the New York Post.

No way

Which of these things DIDN’T influence Lin-Manuel Miranda when he was writing the musical?

Jamie Foxx
Jesus Christ Superstar
the Fugees
Donald Trump

In the second-to-last song, Aaron Burr sings, “Now, I’m the villain in your history / I was too young and blind to see …” If you can, stop crying again and see if you can answer this: Did Burr actually regret what he did?

Yes, oh, yes
No, he was crazy
It’s not really clear

Here’s Your Chance to Prove That You’re a Real ‘Hamilton’ Superfan

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