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Why be a Kicker Campus Correspondent?

Maybe there are specific issues you care deeply about and you want to move others to care about them too. Maybe you have a personal connection to national or international events and want to share your insights. Maybe you aspire to a life of journalism, education, or social activism and are looking for ways to get started. Or maybe you just wish your peers were more informed and want to inspire them to get in the know. And maybe you just really want to be part of something bigger, something you can really be proud of.

If this is you, start here. Let Kicker be your megaphone.


What is Kicker?

Welcome to Kicker! We pride ourselves on being a resource for getting up to speed, quickly and easily, on the things that matter most. We don't just want people to read and share our content – when you're fired up about something going on in the world, we want to empower you to do something about it, from voicing your views to spreading the word to signing petitions to volunteering to fundraising to donating.

What is a Kicker Campus Correspondent?

This is what KCCs get to do:

Contribute op-eds that will be published on our site and shared with our growing global audience. Your posts can consist of any combination of text, images, video, and more. If you have creative and innovative ideas, we're totally into that. This is your chance to shine a spotlight on events and issues that matter to you on our national, and international, platform.

Engage with Kicker content on the website or via social media. Love an article? Say so! Think we missed the point? Say that too. Feedback is a crucial part of your role as a KCC, and in shaping the wider conversation.

Share your favorite Day in 10 item on Twitter, like the Kicker post on Instagram, forward the Kicker daily email to friends to get them in the know--make being informed and helping to get your circle in the know a part of your daily routine!

You'll also:

  • Engage with Kicker leadership all year long, giving us valuable feedback, suggestions, and ideas.
  • Chat with your fellow KCCs all over the country in our monthly Kicker on Campus hangout sessions.
  • Participate in fun challenges and projects, like distributing and displaying swag and taking a turn hosting our social media accounts.

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Kicker Campus Correspondents

Clementine Amidon

Clementine Amidon headshot 110x110 Clementine is a senior at Mount Holyoke where she studies English and French. While she has always been an avid writer, learning about the First Amendment and press ethics in a journalism course sparked her passion for news writing. She is fascinated by the cast of characters of the 2016 election season, who seem to be plucked out of the pages of a Dickens novel. When she’s not writing and reading, Clementine likes to laugh at anything darkly humorous and binge-watch shows like Breaking Bad. She also contributes to Odyssey Online and the Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter: @Clementine

Kaho Arakawa

Kaho Arakawa Currently living 7,000 miles from home, Kaho is a sophomore at Northwestern studying applied math and economics. She spent last summer working for a Tokyo based education company called GAKKO. When she’s not solving differential equations, she plays trumpet in the marching band, and enjoys watching sports and reality TV. Follow Kaho on Twitter: @kahoarakawa and Instagram: @kahothecat.

Richard Balagtas

Jessica Zhou A born and raised New Yorker with a passion for perspective, Richard is a rising senior at Boston College studying philosophy and political science with interests in world religions, feminism, medical ethics, and international law. In his spare time he's a tennis player, avid yogi, frequent world traveler, amateur magician. Tweet him at @RichardBalagtas!

Suswana Chowdhury

Suswana Chowdhury Suswana is a freshman at Baruch College majoring in journalism. In addition to writing and dancing, her soul is in nonprofit fundraising. She dedicated her high school career to the nonprofit Free The Children, which taught her the power of youth. Her mission in life is to eradicate "impossible" from the dictionary. If anyone knows who to contact to do this, tweet her @suzielou620.

Kendall Ciesemier

Kendall Ciesemier Kendall is a native Chicagoan and Georgetown senior studying sociology, journalism, and theology. She is the co-founder of OWN IT, a leadership initiative to inspire young women. Kendall is also the founder and executive director of Kids Caring 4 Kids, a nonprofit she started 10 years ago that empowers young people to help provide basic human needs to children living in sub-Saharan Africa. An aspiring storyteller, Kendall has had experience as an mtvU on-air correspondent and as a College Editor-At-Large for The Huffington Post. Kendall has been honored as a Chicagoan of the Year by Chicago Magazine, Zeitgeist Young Mind by Google, and one of Youth Service America’s Top 25 Most Powerful and Influential Young People. One of Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year, Kendall was the grand prize winner of Glamour’s 2014 Top 10 College Women competition. Follow her on Twitter: @kciesemier.

Jeremie Davis

Jeremie Davis Headshot 110x110 Energetic and ambitious, with a quirky sense of humor, Jeremie Davis is a sophomore journalism major with a minor in theater at Salisbury University. She first discovered her love for journalism when she started writing for her school’s newspaper. With goals out of this world, Jeremie one day hopes to be a entertainment correspondent for E! News or a successful actress. She also has plans to go to the Yale School of Drama for graduate school. In her spare time, Jeremie enjoys watching Netflix, belting out show-tunes, exercising and blogging. One Motto she lives by is: “If you work hard, you get to play hard.” Make sure you follow her on Twitter: @_jeremiedavis.

Jacob Fishbein

Jacob Fishbein Jake is a man of passion. He is drawn to obscure history, Red Sox baseball, creative cooking, and a plethora of other pursuits. An alumnus of Kenyon College, where he spent most days with a pile of history books next to him in the library and flew to two school records on the track & field team, he now lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently writing stories and speeches, building a coalition of cafes, roasters, and consumes who support The Coffee Trust’s efforts to empower farmers at origin, and is reveling in discovery on a daily basis. Follow him on Instagram @CookingCulture and Twitter @CaptainFishlegs.

Riley Gantt

Riley Gantt When Riley isn't working to bring equal education to all the elementary school kids in Los Angeles as the Founder/CEO of Rainbow Pack she is a high school student. She loves to belt out tunes and play guitar as she does her homework. Her dog Ella and cat Finnegan make a fabulous audience for these impromptu performances. When she's not rabble-rousing or writing you can find Riley behind her camera. Follow her on Twitter @rainbowpackorg.

Francyne Hari

Francyne Hari headshot 110x110 Francyne Hari is a sophomore communications major studying at Dominican University of California. Within her major, her concentration is on multimedia journalism and broadcasting and she hopes to one day become a director. She’s involved with DU's College Debate Initiative, which follows the 2016 presidential campaign and seeks to get college students more politically engaged. In her free time, she likes watch YouTube videos and play video games and is part of a medieval combat society.

Camellia Heart

CamilliaHeart headshot 110x110

Camellia is a sophomore at the University of Georgia with declared majors in International Affairs and Spanish with a minor in Global Health. Her goal for her college years is to become trilingual, run a half marathon and follow the detailed lists of goals she makes for herself. Along with her passion for writing and reading, she enjoys time aimlessly spent on Spotify and Netflix, running, and passing time with friends and family. Follow her on Twitter: @cammmmmmmm_.

Olivia Hort

Olivia Hort

Olivia is a freshman at The Pennsylvania State University pursuing a major in animal science. Olivia is a sister of Gamma Phi Beta and serves on their mini THON communications committee. When she isn’t busy babysitting or studying, Olivia loves to hike, listen to music, hang outdoors, and spend time with her family and friends. In summers, Olivia works as a camp counselor on a dairy farm as well as volunteers for the Special Olympics. She absolutely loves black coffee, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, and Trailer Park Boys. Follow Olivia on Twitter: @o_horty and Instagram: @oliviahort.

Cierra Kaler-Jones

Cierra Kaler-Jones Cierra is a senior at the Rutgers University School of Social Work, where she is studying social work with a triple minor in women's & gender studies, critical & comparative race & ethnic studies, and criminology, in hopes of becoming U.S. Secretary of Education. She serves the state of New Jersey as the current Miss New Jersey and competed for the title of Miss America in September. Her heart lies in the organization she founded, The Arts Empowerment Project, which uses visual and performing arts as a strategy to empower economically disadvantaged girls. Her interests range from education to women's issues, and in her spare time she reads romance novels and pins on Pinterest. Follow her on Twitter: @MissNJ2014.

Rachel Kelso

Rachel Kelso headshot 110x110

Rachel is a sophomore at Georgia Southern University majoring in journalism with a Spanish minor. She currently writes for her school’s newspaper, The George-Anne, as well as Odyssey, creating relatable and interesting content for her audiences. Rachel hopes to someday become a broadcast journalist for CNN or write for companies like Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan or Huffington Post. She has a passion for writing, traveling, social justice and The Office. Tweet her at: @Kelsohhhhhhh and Instagram: @rachel.kelso.

Margaret Lin

Margaret LinMargaret is a Bay Area Native studying Information Management and Technology in the iSchool at Syracuse University, NY. She will be studying Photojournalism in London in Fall 2015 through the Syracuse University Abroad program and will be graduating in Spring 2016. Margaret is a storyteller of the modern age. She aspires to master storytelling through imagery, text, and digital means. She hopes to one day become a multimedia innovator in the world of technology and journalism. Follow her on Twitter: @margaretglin.

Ingrid Marquardt

Ingrid Marquardt Ingrid, a newly minted 20-something, is a junior and English major at Boston College, who loves to collect passions like it's going out of style. She's currently studying abroad in Galway, Ireland. Read more at and follow her on Twitter: @smilingrid.

Lindsay McGonegle

Lindsay McGonegle 110x110 Headshot Lindsay is a junior at Rockhurst University studying International Business and Communication. After being bitten by the travel bug at a young age, Lindsay just returned from a semester in Madrid, Spain and has every intention of going back. When she isn’t globetrotting, she can be found practicing yoga, training for a half marathon, writing, watching Ted Talks, and most importantly, obsessing over her niece and nephew. Read more at and follow her on Instagram on lmcgonegle.

Amanda Perez

Amanda Perez headshot 110x110 Amanda is a student at Pace University studying communication, politics and psychology. Along with a small team she helps run PaceUEndRape, a on-campus movement dedicated to raising awareness about sexual assault and safety. When she isn't writing she can be found on Netflix or on Pinterest. She's an anglophile who is obsessed with the royal family, The Beatles and Downton Abbey. Follow her on Twitter: @amanda_perez724.

Rudy Sanchez

Rudy Sanchez Rudy is a proud resident of Los Angeles, but is currently stationed in Lewisburg, PA, where he is a senior at Bucknell University studying economics with a minor in mathematics and environmental studies. He has interned at Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE), Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC). His interests are social justice, environmental issues/solutions, technology, and social entrepreneurship. In his spare time, he eats at local restaurants, goes to the beach, and explores his urban environment. Follow him on Twitter: @UberRadRudy.

Amira Semilovic

Amira Selimovic New Headshot 110x110

Mia is a Sophomore at Grand Valley State University studying Criminal Justice. When she is not at school she is busy working on her second book, while trying to get her first one published! Mia is obsessed with the classics and is always saying people need more Gatsby and Huck Finn in their life - not to mention anything John Hughes. To get a good laugh from her daily ranting you can follow her on Twitter: @myohhmiaa and Instagram: @ myohhmiaa .

Sayra Trejo

Sayra Trejo headshot 110x110 Sayra Trejo is a sophomore Communication and Media Studies major and Political Science minor at Dominican University of California. She is passionate about journalism, writing, and politics. Sayra is Editor in Chief of, her school's online student-run news journal. She hopes to become a broadcast journalist and bring her storytelling skills to the masses. When she isn't exploring San Francisco with her camera, she's hiking on Mt. Tamalpais in her native Marin County. Follow her on Twitter: @SayraT_ and Instagram: @sayra_trejo.

David Wallace

DWallaceHeadshot 110x110 David Wallace is a mass media communication student at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) with a passion for public service. David is involved with the Missouri Students Association, the student government at Mizzou and is member of the international organization AIESEC. You can follow David on Twitter @insidemypyramid for insights on popular culture, civil activism and updates from his other academic and social projects.

Jessica Zhou

Jessica Zhou Jessica is a loudish introvert of a high school student currently residing in Sunny SoCal, taking in the world one word at a time. Assorted multifarious interests include one-girl dance parties, beach runs, library inhabiting, thrift store browsing, and writing. Tweet her at @itsjesszhou!