About Kicker

What is Kicker?

Kicker motto: It's not 'news' - it's LIFE!

Kicker is for getting up to speed, really easily and quickly, on what's happening in the world and discovering how you can take action. It's knowledge + power.

What you'll find here

The key things everyone's talking about – or should be. Things that matter – and why. Presented in accessible, digestible, fresh ways.

Our promises to you

We'll make things easy to understand, but we will always respect your intelligence. We won't dumb down or sacrifice clarity for cleverness. And we won't overwhelm you with endless links and streams that make you worry about missing out or entice you with overpromised, underdelivered clickbait or drown you in trivial details.

What we believe

That it's important and good and useful to know what's happening in the world.
That everyone has knowledge gaps, and it should be easy and shame-free to fill them.
That "news" shouldn't consist of boring blocks of wonky minutiae or partisan political pundits verbally punching each other.
That being in the know usually means going a little bit beyond a skimming, breezy, snarky, superficial sound bite.

How we're different

Sure, there are lots of new newsy sites and apps and newsletters out there. Some explain the news. Some make the news fun and engaging. Some give you a rundown of the top stories. Some give you ways to take action. Some appeal to millennials. Think of Kicker as an amazing mashup of these: We explain top stories in a super helpful, super engaging, super empowering way.

Who you are

You're smart and don't want to feel left out or left behind. You want to get into the conversation and make a difference. But you're turned off by traditional news, don't really know where to start getting up to speed, and don't have the time or interest to be glued to homepages or newsfeeds all day every day. You'd love to have a savvy friend both explain news to you so you feel informed and help you avoid feeling helpless or hopeless.

Who we are

Team Kicker is made up of (if we say so ourselves!) smart, ambitious, creative, talented, passionate young people. They're the sleeper superstars of digital media – you may not know their names (yet), but they're powering the digital journalism revolution.

Why is it called Kicker?

Because the “kicker” -- the twist -- is that no matter what the story is, it's relevant to your life, and you can actually make a difference. Once you know what's what, we empower you to do something about it. After all, how can you solve the world's problems if you don't know what they are? (We were inspired by the journalistic term kicker, which refers to a news story’s conclusion. That’s why we put the action items at the bottom of our stories!)

Why is the URL gokicker.com?

We're the first-ever web site to provide action items on every news story! The action part is so important to our DNA that we decided to start our URL with the word go. (And besides, kicker.com was already taken. Drat.)

What people are saying about Kicker

Here's some Kicker love!

"It's seriously my favorite news source. It's super informative, but only about things that you should know about."

"Kicker is a beacon for what youth-centered, online news media can be."

"I am obsessed with Kicker, by the way. I actually prefer it for news over anything else."

"I recently discovered Kicker, and have been hooked to it ever since. The unique way that you present the news of the day is incredibly approachable and refreshing."

"I think it fills a pretty significant audience hole in the world of journalism."

"I love how not only does Kicker specifically target my demographic (and without condescension or insult to intelligence), but also employs methods that are more in line for my age spectrum and with the complete coverage of a subject. Kicker is so great. Congratulations and thank you."

How to connect with us

E-mail: go@gokicker.com

Twitter: @goKicker

Facebook: facebook.com/goKicker

Instagram: instagram.com/gokicker

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