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Our Mission

Tired with the way ‘news’ is presented? Amen. Dense blocks of third-person text? No thanks. Unexplained references? Gone. Dozens of stories a day with no way to tell which ones actually MATTER? Ugh.

At Kicker, say goodbye to all that. Our goal is to make news digestible, enlightening, engaging, and empowering.

We tell every story in a combo of text, images, videos, tweets, and more – with helpful background and context to help you get up to speed.

And we feature just one Big Story a day, so you’ll know the story is really worth paying attention to. Having one main story a day also allows us to take the “slow news” approach and give you everything you need to know about a topic all in one place.

Inspired to take action after reading a story? We’ll tell you how to engage in self-improvement, advocacy, awareness-raising, fundraising, volunteering, and more.

What’s Here

Big Story (Monday-Friday): Our Big Stories explain that thing that’s been popping up in your Twitter stream, Facebook newsfeed, and Tumblr dashboard. And links at the end of every Big Story lead you to sites where you can take action.

Day in 10 (Sunday-Friday): Here’s a list of 10 other hot topics for the day. Enjoy the person, quote, image, number, place, word, video, tweet, controversy, and issue of the day, … plus, a bonus lifehack!

Who Said What? (Friday): Who Said What? is a weekly quiz based on current events and pop culture. Have fun testing your knowledge!

Why Kicker

At Kicker, the reader rules. We give you the tools to get informed and take action, but you get to decide how engaged you want to be. And that’s the kicker to any story we tell you. When you get worked up about what’s going on in the world, we want you to know that you can start taking action, right now!

We’re independent, nonpartisan, and devoted to helping you get in the know so you can make your voice heard and make a difference. That means each story gives you a balanced, unbiased look at what’s happening, with helpful context and explanations.

And we’ve been known to mix in some fun, too.

After all, it’s not just “news” – it’s LIFE! And knowing what’s going on out there is the first step to going out and changing the world. KNOW, then GO!

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