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1 person has died in this massive Hoboken train crash

One person was killed and 108 people were injured when a New Jersey Transit train crashed into a train station in Hoboken, New Jersey on Sept. 29 during the morning rush hour. Commuters waiting at the station said the train never slowed down when it arrived at the station and slammed into a bumper block before going airborne and crashing through the platform.

The engineer was critically injured while the one casualty was struck by debris while standing on the platform. The train was coming in from Spring Valley, New York.

The first half of the train was crushed; the roof was smashed down to the seats. During the rescue operations, all people who were trapped were removed.

The historic station saw extensive damage too. The ceiling fell down in some places and the support beams were destroyed.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said the train's engineer is cooperating with the investigations and told people to not panic.

The National Transportation Safety Board launched an investigation into the cause of the crash and will examine the similarities between this crash and another that happened at the same station in 2011 when 34 people were injured.

Rail service had been suspended in and out of the station, but PATH train service to New York resumed at 3 P.M. EST while authorities opened helplines for tips and information.

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1 person has died in this massive Hoboken train crash

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