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And the winner of the debate is … #TRUMPSNIFFLES

Arguments over who won the first presidential debate are in full throttle, but if you ask Twitter who won, there was definitely a crowd favorite. No, it's not Trump or Clinton, it's Trump's sniffles.

Immediately after the debate began, Twitter noticed something odd about Mr.Trump: he sniffed repeatedly throughout the evening. Not only did his sinuses spark a hashtag, #TrumpSniffles, but also some parody accounts, Donald's Sinuses (@TrumpsSinuses) and Trump sniff (@TrumpSniff), and of course, memes.

Twitter doctors came up with a mess of diagnoses for Trump, from allergies, to pneumonia (a reference to Clinton's recent illness), and even cocaine use.

When Trump was asked why he was sniffling so much, he had the ultimate Trump response: there were no sniffles. Instead, it was totally the microphone's fault.

"No, no sniffles. You know, the mike was very bad, but maybe it was good enough to hear breathing...But no sniffles. No cold."

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And the winner of the debate is … #TRUMPSNIFFLES

Christina Buff

Christina is a freelance writer from a tiny town in Southern Maryland who just can't seem to figure out whether others are being sarcastic or not. She has a degree in business communication, with a focus in writing, from Stevenson University, and has written things for Severna Park Voice, Maryland Film Festival, The Villager, and Hello Giggles. Follow her on twitter @tinaBUFF where she constantly overthinks her tweets, or read her medley of musings at touchinfinity.wordpress.com.

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