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What to know about the mass shootings that rocked Washington and Texas

Within a couple-day span, two mass shootings rocked neighborhoods in Washington and Texas, and the details are -- warning -- disturbing.

Here's what you should know.

In Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington, a gunman dressed in black opened fire in the makeup department of a Macy's store. He killed five people. The suspected gunman then fled the scene, on foot, but was ultimately found and arrested the follow night after a tip. His name? Arcan Cetin.

Cetin is a 20-year-old American citizen who was born in Turkey. His criminal history showed a series of domestic violence assault charges against him, as well as drunk driving. As part of one of his domestic assault charges, he was told he could not possess firearms. He stole the three guns used in the mall attack from his father.

Since the attacks, Cetin has apparently confessed to the crime, telling detectives that "he did bring the rifle into Macy's and shoot all 5 victims." He has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder, but no motive has been uncovered.

A few days later, in Houston, Texas, a lawyer opened fire on morning commuters on a typically quiet street near West University Place. The shooting lasted about 20 minutes before the gunman, identified as 46-year-old Nathan DeSai, was shot and killed by police. DeSai was wearing a vintage-style military uniform with Nazi emblems on it, had two weapons on him, and over 2,500 rounds of ammo.

Nine people were injured during the shootings; six were shot and three were wounded by broken glass. Only one person died, and that was the shooter. Details are still slowly unraveling, and as of now little information has been released about DeSai.

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What to know about the mass shootings that rocked Washington and Texas

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