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For the first time, a baby has been born with DNA from *3* parents

This is a major breakthrough for science, and the world: a baby has been born with DNA from THREE biological parents. That's right, three!

Meet Abrahim Hassan, the five-month-old baby who just made history.

Abrahim's parents, Ibtisam Shaban and Mahmoud Hassan, were treated using the controversial three-parent technique by a U.S. team based in Mexico. Because, well, the treatment isn't legal in the U.S. currently. The technique has actually only been legally approved in the UK.

So, why did Shaban and Hassan go through this treament?

Basically this treatment gives parents with rare genetic mutations the ability to have healthy babies. For Shaban, that rare disorder is called Leigh syndrome. While she is healthy, she has had two children die due to the disorder.

How does it actually work?

Doctors performed something called a "spindle nuclear transfer." Basically, they removed the nucleus from a donor egg and inserted the nucleus from one of Shaban's eggs in it's place. Then, they took said egg and fertilized it with Hassan's sperm. Five embryos were created, but only one developed normally, and that was the one they implanted in Shaban.

Voilà! Nine months later, Abrahim was born.

The team of doctors will be monitoring baby Abrahim closely to ensure he is a healthy baby.

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For the first time, a baby has been born with DNA from *3* parents

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