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Can Hillary Clinton ever smile the right amount for men?

Remember during the March primaries when Hillary Clinton was scolded by male pundits because she didn't smile enough? Or that time former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Clinton's one downfall is her inability to smile? Or every other time a woman has been told by a man to "smile?"

Well, last night Clinton put a smile on her face throughout the entire presidential debate, even when Trump was continuously interrupting her. And, guess what. That did not meet their standards either.

Now, Clinton is being criticized for smiling TOO MUCH.


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Can Hillary Clinton ever smile the right amount for men?

Christina Buff

Christina is a freelance writer from a tiny town in Southern Maryland who just can't seem to figure out whether others are being sarcastic or not. She has a degree in business communication, with a focus in writing, from Stevenson University, and has written things for Severna Park Voice, Maryland Film Festival, The Villager, and Hello Giggles. Follow her on twitter @tinaBUFF where she constantly overthinks her tweets, or read her medley of musings at touchinfinity.wordpress.com.

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