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Trump wants to take stop-and-frisk national, but it has YUGE problems

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There are huge problems with stop-and-frisk. YUGE. (joshkehn/Flickr)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump came out in support of New York's controversial stop-and-frisk policy. He wants to establish the practice on a national level. And he said so at a town hall in Cleveland, Ohio, geared towards getting him more support in the African-American community.

Here are his exact words:

"I would do stop and frisk. I think you have to. We did it in New York. It worked incredibly well. And you have to be proactive, and you know, you really help people sort of change their mind automatically."

Just a reminder: Stop-and-frisk is a policing strategy in which officers stop and question -- and, yes, physically frisk -- pedestrians who appear suspicious. But it was declared unconstitutional in 2013, because in practice it discriminates against the minority community. A study has shown that stop-and-frisk, in fact, has negative psychological effects on the subject of the practice.

Still, Trump claims the policy was successful in New York:

"New York City was incredible, the way that worked, so I think that could be one step you could do."

But New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who campaigned against this practice, called him out on it:

"Donald Trump talks about stop-and-frisk like he knows the facts. He has had no experience with policing, no experience with public safety. He should really be careful because if we reinstituted stop-and-frisk all over this country, you'd see a lot more tension between police and communities."

Trump's actually been a fan of the policy for a while.

Trump backtracked on his statement and said he was actually referring to Chicago when he said "New York City was incredible, the way it worked":

"Now Chicago is out of control. I was referring to Chicago with stop and frisk."

The policy was even more widely used in Chicago – over 4 times more in the summer of 2014 as compared to 2011 when it was its peak in New York.

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Trump wants to take stop-and-frisk national, but it has YUGE problems

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