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Here’s what’s happening in Charlotte, North Carolina

What a week in America.

Soon after the shocking police shooting death in Tulsa, Oklahoma, of a man named Terence Crutcher, the nation's attention shifted to Charlotte, North Carolina, where a black man was mistaken by police there for a wanted man and shot dead.

The police said they were searching for a man to serve a warrant to when they saw Scott walking from his truck holding a gun in his hand. When he didn't pay heed to multiple warnings to put down the weapon, a black officer shot him. His family and other witnesses claim there was no gun found on Scott's body and that he was, in fact, reading a book.

Protests, mostly peaceful, broke out across the city asking for accountability.

A prayer vigil in his honor on Sept. 21 turned violent with police turning up in riot gear and the Governor Pat McCrory declaring a state of emergency and asking the National Guard and the Highway Patrol to step in.

Protesters turned violent with Molotov cocktails being thrown at police officials.

Charlotte's Police Chief Kerr Putney also said the video of the shooting will only be shown to Scott's immediate family, despite calls to make it public.

Meanwhile, one man was killed while an additional eight civilians and four police officers have been injured and 44 people have been arrested during protests and some rioting there.

The protests are still going on.

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Here’s what’s happening in Charlotte, North Carolina

Anugya Chitransh

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