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So this happened: Trump grinned when Don King used the N-word

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Don King. (Wikimedia Commons)

Don King is a longtime boxing promoter -- and Donald Trump supporter. And he slipped and used the N-word while introducing Donald Trump at an event on September 21st.

King was recalling something he had told Michael Jackson at the Midwest Vision and Values Pastor Leadership Conference held at Cleveland, Ohio. All the time, Trump was sitting right behind him -- and grinning.

Let's not forget King is 85.

He later explained what had happened:

“I slipped and used the ‘N-word,’ as if I were talking directly to Michael Jackson. I was speaking to Michael Jackson, but I was speaking in the vernacular we’d use on the street, and I slipped.”

King's rival and fellow boxing promoter Bob Arum, another 85-year-old, is supporting Hillary Clinton, and instantly tweeted out about the incident.

The rest of King's speech was also all over the place where he spoke about a rigged system and how Trump would bring in equality.

"The system is corrupt, the system is rigged, the system is sexist, the system is racist."

And then he asked white women to vote for Trump because ...?

“When the system was created, they did not give her, the white woman did not have her rights and she still does not have her rights. Donald ... when I see them try to ridiculize him, or when they try to ostracize ... I want you to understand that every white woman should vote for Donald Trump ... to knock out the system.”

Trump followed King's speech. He praised the boxing promoter.

"Ah, there's only one Don King. He's a phenomenal person."

King had been considered to speak at the Republican National Convention in July and had endorsed Trump last year.

King has shown support for Republicans and Democrats alike, coming out in support of George W. Bush in 2004 and Bill Clinton and later Barack Obama. He does seem to pick winners, so ...

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So this happened: Trump grinned when Don King used the N-word

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