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What just happened in Syria is probably a war crime

After a UN aid convoy in Syria got bombed, not only has the ceasefire agreement in Syria probably come to an end, but the UN has also suspended all aid shipments to the country (this has happened before when the Geneva Talks collapsed). Ban Ki-Moon used his farewell address at the UN General Assembly on Sept. 20 to condemn the attack that also claimed the lives of at least 20 people.

“Just when you think it cannot get any worse, the bar of depravity sinks lower."

18 vehicles of a 31-vehicle convoy and a warehouse belonging to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent were destroyed with the US claiming it was Russian warplanes or a Syrian aircraft that bombed it.

Aid officials are still unsure about who the culprit was and don't have any conclusive evidence as of now.

Russia said the convoy was not struck from the air and it was some incident on the ground that made everything go up in flames. They say they haven't violated the ceasefire agreement. US on the other hand, has clearly done that when they performed airstrikes aimed at Islamic militants in the country but hit the Syrian army instead.

The incident is being called a war crime if it was deliberate because conditions in Syria are pretty bad after the prolonged civil war. Secretary of State John Kerry just had one thing to say:

"The ceasefire is not dead."

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What just happened in Syria is probably a war crime

Anugya Chitransh

Anugya is originally from New Delhi, India. She studied journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York, graduating with a master's in international reporting. She plans to travel one day to all the places she reads about. She likes reading fiction, pop music, and going to the beach, but absolutely hates anyone mangling or shortening her name (which is quite common). She binge watches Korean dramas and anime series. She's a freelance writer and has produced content that has appeared in NBC, The Times of India, Time Out Delhi, and other publications.

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