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Is Sandra Bland wrongful death settlement #JusticeforSandra?

sandra bland settlement #justiceforsandra

Many have demanded #JusticeforSandra. (Patrick Feller/Flickr)

Last year, Sandra Bland died in a jail cell after being pulled over for a minor offense -- failing to use a turn signal -- sparking major outrage.

She got arrested for assault on a public servant -- one who was later indicted for perjury due to his implausible arrest report.

Now Bland's family has reached a $1.9 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit. In addition to the money, Bland's family won changes to Waller County, Texas' jail procedures, including adding automated sensors and an on-duty nurse.

The judge in the case will also seek state legislation to provide additional funding for jail booking, intake, and support.

Bland's mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, said this about the outcome:

"Right now my emotion is joy, pure joy. There's a sense of God's justice for me."

Some people are more skeptical, however.

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Is Sandra Bland wrongful death settlement #JusticeforSandra?

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