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Is Donald Trump healthy enough to be president?

donald trump weight health

Looks like Donald Trump is overweight -- is he too unhealthy to serve as president? (Michael Vadon/Flickr)

Donald Trump's supporters have questioned whether Hillary Clinton is healthy enough to be president. Clinton's supporters are now flipping the script on Trump, prompting the release of a letter from Trump's doctor.

Trump also appeared on Dr. Oz to discuss his health.

Trump has promised to release his physical results, but the full records have not yet been made public.

Some still call for Trump to release more full records. In the meantime, many are noting that he's either clinically obese or on the border between overweight and obese. Is Trump healthy enough to serve as president?

Trump is 70 years old and would be the oldest president ever elected if he wins.

trump weight

Trump is clearly overweight. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have released extensive health records and call on Trump to do more.

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Is Donald Trump healthy enough to be president?

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