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Obama is prob going to veto the (ridiculously popular) 9/11 Victims Bill

Congress has approved the 9/11 Victims Bill, which would allow the families of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for collateral.

But the Obama administration has made it clear that he will likely veto this bill, because there are concerns this could lead to complicated relationships with Saudi Arabia, or with other international officials.

Here's what White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said about the intended veto:

Congressional leaders have said, however, even if Obama does veto this bill they will try to override it -- and it is a very popular proposal so there is a chance of that happening.

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Obama is prob going to veto the (ridiculously popular) 9/11 Victims Bill

Allison Hollender

Allison is originally from Fresno, California, but made her way to the beautiful Central Coast, where she is a student at UC Santa Cruz, earning a degree in both history and politics, working as a reporter for City on a Hill Press, and guzzling gallons of coffee. She is a lover of television and all things Amy Poehler. Follow her embarrassing attempts at jokes on Twitter @alleyrenee16.

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