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Edward Snowden is asking for a pardon

Edward Snowden, the former contractor for the NSA is best known for stealing classified information that revealed the extent of government global surveillance programs.

His actions were illegal, and controversial, and led him to seek asylum in Russia, where her currently is now. Snowden says that what he uncovered for American citizens is information they were entitled to: that their email, phones, and other info was being watched by the government. (The gov., for their part, say they're watching us for our protection.)

Snowden has made it clear, even before now, that he wants to go home.

In 2015, he even volunteered to go to prison (if it meant not being tortured) in order to return home. He said:

"I've volunteered to go to prison with the government many times. What I won't do is I won't serve as a deterrent to people trying to do the right thing in difficult situations.”

But now, Snowden is saying Obama should grant him a pardon on moral grounds.

There are those who oppose the idea, saying he is a traitor to the United States:

And others who see his actions as noble and support the notion of a pardon:

Including Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who wrote in an op-ed on Tuesday:

The American people have a right to privacy. My hope is that Obama uses his power to pardon Snowden now. The debate he began must be continued so we find a resolution that protects the freedom of press, association, religion and speech as well as the privacy of people in the United States and around the world.

She also said that if elected president, she would pardon Snowden.

The Obama administration has not said if it plans on pardoning Snowden.

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Edward Snowden is asking for a pardon

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