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Whoa, @MerriamWebster, you’re salty

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They don't F around. (graham.james.campbell / Flickr)

You know who doesn’t pull a single punch on Twitter? The MFing dictionary.

Merriam-Webster tweeted the other day that it turns out — despite some objections — the word “mad” doesn’t just need to mean “crazy.” It’s been so often used to mean “angry” that the word’s absorbed that definition, too.

But some purists objected.

Gabriel Roth wrote about his experience getting told off by the dictionary. Apparently, he incurred the wrath of enough Twitter users to be pretty annoying:

“On the scale of Twitter eruptions, this was big but mild. And, hey, we learned something, right? This was a fun day. Some new followers (hi new followers!) plus thousands of strangers laughing at me. Lots of fun. No one cares how I feel! Good one. See, I can laugh at myself.”

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Whoa, @MerriamWebster, you’re salty

Brianna Snyder

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