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North Carolina’s racist voter ID law just got overturned

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It's over! (peoplesworld / Flickr)

The Supreme Court voted 4-4 and decided to not reinstate North Carolina's voter ID laws that require people to show a government photo ID before they can vote. In August, the Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeals had already struck down several parts of the law saying that they discriminated against black voters.

The justices declined a request by Gov. Pat McCrory to delay a permanent injunction blocking some of the provisions in the 2013 law, making him really unhappy - enough to start a campaign.

The decision also means that there are only 17 early voting days and no preregistration of 16-year-olds.

Hillary Clinton was happy with the way things were going.

In other news, we still need a new justice because a 4-4 divide is not really a decision and there may be future deadlocks.

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North Carolina’s racist voter ID law just got overturned

Anugya Chitransh

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