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Florida is gearing up for Tropical Storm #Hermine

Tropical Storm Hermine has reached hurricane strength and is expected to make landfall in Florida early Sept. 2. This would make it the state's first hurricane since Wilma in Oct. 2005.

Hermine has become a Category 1 hurricane and will bring with it storm surges of up to 8 feet and winds near 75 mph (120 km/h) along with heavy rainfall. Tornadoes and downed power grids might also happen. Parts of the state are already reporting floodwater due to the high tide and storm surge.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has told residents to maintain at least three days of emergency supplies and heed mandatory evacuation orders.

“The most important thing we all must put in our minds is that this is life threatening. We have not had a hurricane in years, people have moved here and we have visitors."

Also let's not miss the Harry Potter reference with the day being Sept. 1, y'all. That's when the Hogwarts Express would leave from King's Cross.

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Florida is gearing up for Tropical Storm #Hermine

Anugya Chitransh

Anugya is originally from New Delhi, India. She studied journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York, graduating with a master's in international reporting. She plans to travel one day to all the places she reads about. She likes reading fiction, pop music, and going to the beach, but absolutely hates anyone mangling or shortening her name (which is quite common). She binge watches Korean dramas and anime series. She's a freelance writer and has produced content that has appeared in NBC, The Times of India, Time Out Delhi, and other publications.

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