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Dilma Rousseff is not the president of Brazil anymore

The first woman leader of Brazil and who shall now be called a "former" Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff was officially kicked out from office. The Senate voted 61-20 in favor of letting her go and getting Vice President Michel Temer on board as the new leader of the country.

Many Brazilians wanted out with the old because Rousseff's administration pulled some shady tricks to cover up the country's budget problems.

She calls it a coup.

"They’ve just overthrown the first woman elected president of Brazil, without there being any constitutional justification for this impeachment. But the coup was not just carried out against me and my party or the allied parties who support me today. This was just the beginning."

Temer had a tough time trying to get pro-Rousseff protestors to calm down as they took to the streets.

Temer, 75, inherits the keys to an unhealthy economy along with the one to the presidential palace in Brasilia and he promised the people a change.

"This is a moment of hope, to rebuild trust in Brazil. Uncertainty has come to an end. It's time to unify the country."

Rousseff's lawyer have already appealed to the Supreme Court on overturning the Senate's decision for the rest of her term that goes on through 2018. So far, any such requests in her defense have been rejected by the Court. However, there is no ruling that prevents her from running for the elections again.

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Dilma Rousseff is not the president of Brazil anymore

Anugya Chitransh

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