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Chicago just had the most violent month since 1996

Chicago just had their most violent month in the last 20 years with the number of murders surpassing New York and Los Angeles combined. Just for comparison, the total for those cities were 393 murders in 2016, so far.

  • Murders: 90. This brings the total to 483 murders in 2016.
  • Shootings:384. This brings the total to 2,300 in 2016.

Among the summer's victims were Nykea Aldridge, a cousin of NBA star Dwayne Wade and the slaying of Arshell Dennis III, the teen son of a police officer who was back in the city for the summer. People are really upset with the city's government.

The numbers for August tie for the city's fifth most violent month in 25 years. The violence also comes at a time when the police department is being investigated by the Justice Department over police brutality and mistrust of the officers by the African-American community.

There have been calls for bringing in the National Guard too.

Chicago Police Chief said if the gun laws in the city were made stricter, like those in New York and Los Angeles, it would make a difference.

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Chicago just had the most violent month since 1996

Anugya Chitransh

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