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A Trump surrogate posted a blackface cartoon and totally stands by it

Pastor Mark Burns, a Donald Trump surrogate from South Carolina, is on Twitter's bad side after tweeting a cartoon of Hillary Clinton in blackface. After being flooded with criticism, he deleted the tweet and apologized for the "methodology," but says he totally stands by the message.

The tweet showed a cartoon Clinton in blackface, wearing a T-shirt that says “no hot sauce, no peace," holding an anti-police sign, and saying, “I ain’t no ways tired of pandering to African Americans.” He has since deleted the tweet, but like everything on the internet, nothing is ever really deleted.

He issued an apology to those he offended, saying it was not what he intended to do.

"It was never my intention to hurt anyone or offend anyone, but the message is very clear. The message I stand by, the methodology I do not."

Then, in a separate interview, he said he totally stands behind the picture.

He later issued a live-stream apology via Periscope, that he posted on Twitter.

Confused yet? So is everyone else.

Many people are finding it hard to take Burns seriously after his tweet and his confusing apology.

BTW, he also retweeted these images, even though the second one IS NOT the Clintons.

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A Trump surrogate posted a blackface cartoon and totally stands by it

Christina Buff

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