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Russians hacked voter registration databases in 2 U.S. states


Could this election be compromised? (BWJones / Flickr)

The FBI just found evidence that Russian hackers were behind breaches in Illinois and Arizona's voter registration databases. They're currently looking for evidence of other states being targeted, but for the moment, they're warning election officials across the country to increase security before the November election.

What's this all mean?

Well, accessing the databases doesn't necessarily mean that Russian hackers tried to manipulate votes, but U.S. intelligence officials are pretty worried that it does. Concerns that the Russian government is trying to disrupt the presidential election have been running amuck, and the FBI's findings only add fuel to that fire.

Illinois officials said they shut down their vote registration system for 10 days after the hack, and the breaches led to the theft of data from more than 200,000 voter records. Luckily, the Arizona attack didn't go as well for the hackers. No data was stolen, and the malicious software they tried to use was ultimately unsuccessful.

While the attacks were pretty unsophisticated, CEO of TrustedSec (an information security company), David Kennedy, warned that it may be a precursor to a larger attack.

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Russians hacked voter registration databases in 2 U.S. states

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