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Here’s the pic that likely led to the Weiner-Abedin breakup

Huma Abedin, one of Hillary Clinton's top aides, and her disgraced congressman husband Anthony Weiner just called it quits. The reason? Another sexting scandal.

Weiner left his role as a New York City Congressman after a scandal revealed he was sexting several young women on Twitter and text. Then, a few years later, he did it again.

And, now, #WeinerGate part III has surfaced. This time, he was sexting graphic photos of himself while lying next to his sleeping toddler.

People had a lot of problems with that.

That image was only one of over a dozen graphic selfies he sent to the woman, but seems to be the one everyone is talking about.

After the first sexting scandal, Weiner and Abedin did an interview with People Magazine, where he claimed to have gone through therapy. It seems as though that therapy did not help much, and Abedin has finally had enough of his shenanigans.

After the news, Donald Trump tried to turn Weiner's infidelity into a campaign story, blaming Hillary Clinton for having poor judgment.

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Here’s the pic that likely led to the Weiner-Abedin breakup

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