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Here’s encouraging video out of the Italy quake — and how you can help

italy quake

The Italy quake is devastating. (Mater Dolorosa de Jerusalém/Flickr)

There is a lot of horror and sadness in Italy at the moment, as the country was hit with a massive 6.2 magnitude earthquake early Wednesday morning, with aftershocks clocking in at around 5 or even higher. The quakes, which were strongest in central Italy, have reportedly killed 247 people so far.

There has been an outpouring of global support for Italy and their people during their time of need.

And there's even some good news, like the rescue of this young girl under the rubble that was caught on video.

Many are continuing to work to help find other survivors and provide aid to those who have been hurt or who lost their homes.

How can I help?

To help those affected by the quake in Italy, you can donate in US dollars to the Red Cross here. Or if you are in Italy, donate directly to the Italian Red Cross here. Or you can even sign up to volunteer here.

Save the Children is also working to help children impacted in the area, and you can support them by clicking here.

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Here’s encouraging video out of the Italy quake — and how you can help

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