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Here’s the deal with Turkey capturing that Syrian city that was controlled by ISIS

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It's complicated. (Kurdistan Photo/Flickr)

Turkey's military launched a major offensive campaign in Syria on Wednesday, sending in tanks, warplanes and special operations. And this seems to be pretty good news: They've taken over a town on the Turkish border that was being controlled and operated by ISIS.

This takeover comes at time with a myriad of complex situations hovering in the background.

The first being the coup that took place in Turkey just a month ago, when thousands of soldiers and officers attempted to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The attempt failed, and Erdogan issued a state three-month of emergency.

The state of emergency suspends the European Convention on Human Rights. The numbers are still hazy, but Amnesty International states that more than 10,000 people have been detained by the Turkish government, most of them soldiers. There are also reports of detainees being tortured, executed, and raped, but independent groups like Amnesty International haven't been granted access because of that state of emergency.

Another issue that makes the takeover complicated is the terror attack on Saturday that took place in Turkey at a Kurdish wedding. 54 people died in that attack -- carried out by a child suicide bomber -- most of whom were children.

Erdogan blamed ISIS for the attack almost instantly, but it has not been confirmed at this point and there has been no official claim of responsibility by any organization.

The attack was the catalyst for Turkey to go into Syria.

Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Turkey today to meet with Turkish officials, hoping to mend the two countries' relationship. Meanwhile airstrikes and artillery fire are raining down on the border between Turkey and Syria aiming to clear the area from ISIS militants in a US-led coalition.

And, at least for now, a city in Syria named Jarabulus isn't being run by ISIS anymore.

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Here’s the deal with Turkey capturing that Syrian city that was controlled by ISIS

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