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Get ready: Donald Trump’s ‘Tax Revolution’ is here

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump just laid out his economic plan, which he insists will solve America's economy problems.

His speech was interrupted by protestors nearly 20 times, but he still managed to get his ideas for what he calls a "Tax Revolution" out to the public.

Here are some of the ideas included in his economic plan for the US:

  • Consolidate the seven tax brackets into three, reduce the top rate from 39.6% to 33%.
  • End the carried-interest loophole that allows hedge fund and private equity managers to pay lower taxes.
  • Eliminate the estate (“death”) tax that requires the wealthiest individuals to pay the 40% tax when they die.
  • Cut the corporate tax rate by more than half, from 35% to 15%.
  • Revive the Keystone pipeline and get rid of the Paris climate agreement.
  • Kill TPP and renegotiate NAFTA.
  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Liberals, including Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren, say Trump's economic plan will benefit the mega-rich and the big banks:

But what do you think of Trump's new plan?

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Get ready: Donald Trump’s ‘Tax Revolution’ is here

Christina Buff

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