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Do these videos of police shooting Paul O’Neal and Jawari Porter support criminal charges?

Video footage of two recent police shootings of black men have been released, but are they enough to support criminal charges?

Warning: Graphic video footage below.

The first video shows the Chicago police shooting an unarmed 18-year-old black teenager, Paul O'Neal.

Police said a Jaguar was reported stolen earlier in the day, and as they were trying to stop him, they shot and killed him. While there is no footage of O'Neal being shot, the video does show the stolen car crashing into a police car, and officers chasing him on foot in between houses.

Watch the video below:

After viewing several clips from the body cam footage, legal experts say there may not be enough evidence to bring criminal charges to the officers.

There are discrepancies in the case that being investigated, though, like why the body cam was turned off during the actual shooting, then turned back on afterward. Hmmmm.

The second video shows two separate scenes of 25-year old Jawari Porter, a black man who was shot and killed by a white police officer in Cincinnati, Ohio after a "vicious, violent attack" against him. One scene shows Porter holding a knife to a security guard, and another shows him approaching a police officer in a car.

County prosecutors say the shooting is justified, as Porter threatened the lives of law enforcement. But others pointed out his history with mental illness and said there were other ways to subdue him.

Watch the video below:

Black Lives Matter and the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition actually sent a news release condemning the shooting and listing demands:

  • An indictment of the police officer who shot Porter.
  • The release of all public video from downtown cameras, surveillance, and police dashboards.
  • Public access to initial statements made on scene by police.
  • Public access to all witness interviews.
  • Suspension without pay for officers involved during the investigation.
  • Cincinnati pays for Porter’s funeral expenses.

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Do these videos of police shooting Paul O’Neal and Jawari Porter support criminal charges?

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