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A hospital bombing killed 74 in Pakistan on the anniversary of a terrorist attack

A hospital bombing in Quetta, Pakistan killed at least 74 people, mostly lawyers who had come to the hospital to mourn and condemn the murder of a prominent colleague.

The president of the region's bar association, Bilal Anwar Kasi, was murdered on his way to work earlier in the day, and lawyers and journalists gathered at the hospital to mourn and condemn his death. Before they could escort his body to the cemetery, a suicide bomber blasted the hospital.

This attack was the deadliest in a string of recent attacks against lawyers in Pakistan. Two groups have already claimed responsibility for the horrible attack: ISIS and Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban. The claim by the Pakistani Taliban splinter group is likely more credible, though if the ISIS claim is legit, it would be the first time they've struck in the region.

Pakistani lawyers are now holding a nationwide protest outside the Supreme Court in Islamabad, calling for the government to do more to protect lawyers.

Ali Malik, a Lahore-based lawyer, says the attacks are unacceptable and undermining:

"An attack on lawyers makes a mockery of the law enforcement agencies, it undermines the promises of the state against terrorists and breeds fear among vulnerable citizens."

Three years ago to the day, a similar suicide bombing happened in Quetta. A police officer was murder, and a suicide bomber killed more than two dozen people at his funeral.

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A hospital bombing killed 74 in Pakistan on the anniversary of a terrorist attack

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