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Why is everyone talking about floss?


Call the whole thing off. (keatssycamore / Flickr)

Your mom may have been wrong when she told you you needed to floss or all of your teeth would fall out -- because the benefits of flossing may not have actually been proven.

The Associated Press reports that officials had never actually researched the effectiveness of regular flossing before requiring Americans to do so on the reg.

Which may explain why the latest health guidelines for Americans, issued by the departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services is completely free from mention of flossing.

Now, before you start throwing out all of your dental hygiene products and calling your dentist to say "I told you so," just because the effectiveness of flossing hasn't been tested doesn't necessarily mean it's not good for you. It's just unclear.

There is some evidence that flossing does reduce bloody gums and gum inflammation. And perfected flossing, like the kind done by your hygienist, does seem to have a positive impact.

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Why is everyone talking about floss?

Allison Hollender

Allison is originally from Fresno, California, but made her way to the beautiful Central Coast, where she is a student at UC Santa Cruz, earning a degree in both history and politics, working as a reporter for City on a Hill Press, and guzzling gallons of coffee. She is a lover of television and all things Amy Poehler. Follow her embarrassing attempts at jokes on Twitter @alleyrenee16.

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