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4 more terrorist attacks around the world

Terrorist attacks have hit hard across the world this weekend.

In Kabul, Afghanistan, an explosion killed at least 80 people and injured another 260 on Saturday. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. It took place during a demonstration by the Hazara minority near Kabul University.

Then on Sunday, a rocket landed in a Kabul kindergarten. No injuries have been reported from this incident. This is the latest in a long line of attacks in Kabul.

Two car bombs exploded today in Mogadishu, Somalia, near the airport. At least 13 people have died. A terrorist group called al-Shabab has claimed responsibility. (Al-Shabab is allied with al Qaeda.)

In Normany, France, knife-wielding attackers took hostages in a church. This ended with the two attacks dead, as well as one victim, 86-year-old priest Reverend Jacques Hamel. ISIS also claimed responsibility for this attack. One other person is still seriously injured and in critical condition.

In Japan, a mass stabbing at a center for people with disabilities killed 19 and injured 25. The attacker, a former employee of the center who had been fired turned himself in.

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4 more terrorist attacks around the world

Dana Brown

Dana is a freelance writer from Florida, the state that winter forgot. She likes video games, cats, fantasy novels, and complaining about the weather. Follow her on Twitter for intermittent whining about the First Amendment.

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