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Yes internet, Meredith McIver is a REAL person

Meredith McIver

The speechwriter has apparently ghostwritten several of Donald Trump's books. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Turns out Meredith McIver, a writer working for The Trump Organization, is responsible for Melania Trump's disastrous RNC debut that borrowed directly from Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC.

McIver took the blame for Melania’s plagiarism and said she offered her resignation to Donald Trump, who refused to accept it because "people make innocent mistakes and that we learn and grow from these experiences."

Here's the full statement from McIver:

The internet was worried if McIver was an actual human being because they were unable to trace her existence. Many journalists were wondering if Trump wasn't merely being fishy and passing on the blame to someone who isn't there.

Turns out she is real. McIver is a 65-year-old in-house staff writer at the organization and has been part of it since 2001. She has also ghostwritten several books with Trump. She is also a former ballerina according to her bio and currently lives in New York City.

Trump corroborated her existence too and explained why she isn't fired "Celebrity Apprentice" style.

He also seemed fine with Melania's speech, because it kinda did do its job of getting "publicity."

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Yes internet, Meredith McIver is a REAL person

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