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The last Republican effort to #DumpTrump failed, and he got to 1725

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The Republican National Convention just nominated Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. (EDrost88/Flickr)

1,725. That's how many Republican delegates Donald Trump got--making him now the official 2016 Republican nominee for president.

Remember how people other than Donald Trump got votes in the primaries? Some of those delegates spoke up at the Republican National Convention on day 1. They even called for a vote on the convention rules, the party leadership said no, and lots of people yelled at each other.

What about the convention rules? Well, these #NeverTrump delegates wanted to change the rules so that delegates weren't required to vote in accordance with their states' primary results. Their petition demanding a vote on the rules well exceeded the majority required for the vote to be held--until aides worked the convention floor and got many of the signers to withdraw.

Alaska delegate Fred Brown said he wasn't even given the chance to submit his state's signatures:

"I had secured more than enough signatures from Alaska delegates, but the convention secretary was not at the designated location where I was told to submit them. Some said she was hiding. Others said she was protected by guards. Regardless, I was told I could also present the signatures from the floor. Nevertheless, when the vote occurred, my mic was not turned on. When I attempted to present these signatures at the stage, my effort was ignored by the chair, and the security guard turned me away."

So the vote wasn't held, to the outrage of many.

And on the second night of the convention, those Alaska votes went to Trump.

The anti-Trump delegates probably wouldn't have managed to vote down the rules anyway. And the chance of them actually managing to replace Trump with another nominee was really small. But the attempt was made, regardless, in protest.

New Hampshire Governor Scott Humphrey had very harsh words for the Trump campaign and convention leaders:

"Many of [Trump's] supporters if they are not fascists, act very much like fascists, shouting down the opposition, treating them roughly."

But the efforts stalled, so it's official: Republicans did not deny Donald Trump the nomination through a contested convention.

And Trump is now, officially, the nominee.

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The last Republican effort to #DumpTrump failed, and he got to 1725

Dana Brown

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