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What we know about the horrific truck attack in Nice, France

Around 60 people died and at least 100 were injured in Nice, France as a truck plowed through crowds of people watching Bastille Day fireworks.

WARNING: Graphic content below!

The truck reportedly speeded up and zig-zagged through the crowd of people, proving the driver intended to harm citizens. In other words: It wasn't an accident.

A witness said people were either caught in the truck's path or were forced to jump over a beach barrier onto rocks.

The driver of the truck was shot dead, police say. But, they have asked people to stay indoors for the time being.

Facebook has activated its safety check feature, so Nice residents can let family and friends know they are unharmed.

Many details are still unknown, like who the driver was and what the motive was.

Eight months ago, almost to the day, ISIS militants killed 130 people during brutal attacks in Paris, France. French citizens, still healing from those attacks, came together today to celebrate Bastille Day.

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What we know about the horrific truck attack in Nice, France

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