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There have been 1,000 terrorist attacks since Paris

This past weekend brought a surge in global terrorism attacks in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. ISIS has claimed responsibility for all of them, and hundreds of people have been killed.

The car bomb that went off in Baghdad, Iraq, was one of the deadliest attacks in the country's history, killing at least 250 (including dozens of children).

20 hostages were slaughtered at a restaurant in Bangladesh.

And several suicide attacks took place in Saudi Arabia over the course of just 24 hours.

These terror attacks for many are feeling all too familiar, mostly because they are. There have been 1,000 terror attacks worldwide since the Paris bombing last November, less than a year ago.

For Americans and other Westerners, many of these attacks have gone unnoticed. But now, as ISIS is very seriously losing control--the US government estimates ISIS has lost 45% of its peak territory in Iraq and 20% of its peak territory in Syria--ISIS has turned the violence global.

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There have been 1,000 terrorist attacks since Paris

Allison Hollender

Allison is originally from Fresno, California, but made her way to the beautiful Central Coast, where she is a student at UC Santa Cruz, earning a degree in both history and politics, working as a reporter for City on a Hill Press, and guzzling gallons of coffee. She is a lover of television and all things Amy Poehler. Follow her embarrassing attempts at jokes on Twitter @alleyrenee16.

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