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Another terrorist attack has shaken Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul's Ataturk airport is the largest airport in Turkey. (A. Currell/Flickr)

At least 36 people have died in an attack on Istanbul's Ataturk airport and around 60 people have been injured. The Turkish government is blaming ISIS for the attack.

The attack is so recent that details are still very uncertain. We do know explosions and gunfire rocked the airport during the assault.

Ataturk is Turkey's largest airport.

According to police, one person shot at police outside the airport, then set off a bomb, probably a suicide bomb, at the entry to the international terminal. Other reports say there were two or three attackers, and there are reports of another detonation elsewhere in the airport. Turkey's justice minister said that the attackers used AK-47's.

No organization has taken credit for this attack, yet:

United Nations Secretary-General Ban-ki Moon was one of the first world leaders to forcefully condemn the terrorist attack:

"The Secretary-General hopes that the perpetrators of this crime will be identified and brought to justice. He stands firmly by Turkey as it confronts this threat and stresses the need to intensify regional and international efforts to combat terrorism and violent extremism."

Pakistanis also shared their sympathies:

This is hardly the first deadly terrorist attack Turkey has experienced.

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Another terrorist attack has shaken Istanbul, Turkey

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