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2 political parties released 2 different reports on Benghazi


Clinton wants us "move on" after the latest Benghazi report came out. (GIPHY)

The House committee on Benghazi has released its final report.

Refresh: In 2012, terrorists attacked the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Ever since, there have been a lot of questions about how this was allowed to happen and especially how much Hillary Clinton was involved.

So, here's the verdict: The government--including then-Secretary of State Clinton--had intelligence the consulate was in danger and should have acted to protect the Americans present. Plus, troops didn't mobilize well and officials made some poor decisions during the attack. Also, the administration falsely blamed the attacks on an anti-Muslim YouTube video.

And here's where it gets political: Republicans exclusively authored the report--the Democrats on the committee say they were shut out and released their own report condemning the Republican version.

The Democratic Party's spokesman called the House committee report a "conspiracy theory":

"Based on press reports, the Republican Benghazi report seems like a conspiracy theory on steroids, bringing back long-debuked allegations with no credible evidence whatsoever."

BTW, this is the 8th congressional committee created to investigate Benghazi and the 12th investigation overall. And Congress has spent $7 million alone on the latest committee. So no wonder Clinton and her allies are responding like this:

And on the other side:

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2 political parties released 2 different reports on Benghazi

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