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Are you happy the Supreme Court struck down reverse racism?

affirmative action

The Supreme Court has something new to say about affirmative action. (Penn State/Flickr)

In addition to ruling on President Obama's executive action on immigration reform, the Supreme Court also made a historic decision on affirmative action.

(Affirmative action is a policy of boosting diversity in jobs or college for minorities who typically suffer from discrimination.)

The case, Fisher v. University of Texas, has been a long time coming. Abigail Fisher brought up the case in 2008, arguing the University of Texas rejected her because her race. And she's white.

What was the ruling?

The Supreme Court favored the practice of affirmative action, allowing college admissions officials to continue considering race as an important fact for diversity:

“No decision since Brown v. Board of Education has been as important as Fisher will prove to be in the long history of racial inclusion and educational diversity.”

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Are you happy the Supreme Court struck down reverse racism?

Allison Hollender

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