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The Democrats’ gun reform sit-in ended on an unfinished note

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Elizabeth Warren and John Lewis. (U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren/Facebook)

After 25 hours, and a serious fight both in the House and social media, Democrats have ended their sit-in on gun control.

Civil right's icon and Georgia Democrat Representative John Lewis, who led the sit-in, compelled activists in the American public to continue the fight against gun violence after the the protest ended.

The conversation on gun reform will resume after the House returns on July 5th. Lewis promised supporters he will continue the fight.

The entire protest was chaotic. The House democrats literally sat on the ground and at many points chanted, “No bill, no break!” or sang "We Shall Overcome." And the pushback from Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, was incredulous.

But what was the sit-in about?

The answer to that question is controversial. Democrats leading the sit-in aimed to force a vote on gun legislation that Ryan wouldn't allow for "constitutional" reasons. They also were furious with the lack of gun reform in the wake of the Orlando shooting where 50 people died in the US' largest mass shooting to date.

Conservatives are skeptical. The sit-in didn't achieve political reform, but it did gain major attention on social media. Ryan and other House Representatives dismissed the sit-in as a "publicity stunt" Democrats orchestrated to win more seats and funding in the 2016 election.

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The Democrats’ gun reform sit-in ended on an unfinished note

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