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This is why #NationalSelfieDay matters


Own it. (Mr Moss / Flickr)

Break out your front-facing cameras--it's #NationalSelfieDay.

Selfies have often been mocked as shallow and vain, and yeah, sometimes people's photo fever has had pretty awful consequences.

But selfies can also be empowering, allowing people to take control of their own self-image -- particularly women, people of color, fat people, gay people, people with disabilities -- anyone lacking representation on larger cultural platforms.

But more than that, taking selfies is a lesson in learning to love yourself. Your face. Your body. Yourself. Kim Kardashian might be on to something.

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This is why #NationalSelfieDay matters

Dana Brown

Dana is a freelance writer from Florida, the state that winter forgot. She likes video games, cats, fantasy novels, and complaining about the weather. Follow her on Twitter for intermittent whining about the First Amendment.

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