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WATCH: The live webcast of the Blue Origin rocket launch

Blue Origin

There's the New Shepard rocket. (Blue Origin/YouTube)

The rocket company Blue Origin (founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos) had their first live webcast of a rocket launch. This is the fourth time they've launched their New Shepard rocket--using the same equipment each time--all with the hopes that they can send non-astronauts into space.

Watch it below:

If you're watching the video and noticed how one of the three parachutes failed to deploy, you may be wondering if all went well. Well, the whole point of the launch was to make sure everything went fine if one parachute that's supposed to bring the capsule safely back down to Earth doesn't deploy.

And, they proved that everything turns out alright, which is good news for anyone hoping to use Blue Origin for a space visit in the future.

Watch the Blue Origin rocket land:

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WATCH: The live webcast of the Blue Origin rocket launch

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