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‘Finding Dory’ made history this weekend

Finding Dory

Where is Dory? (Pixar/YouTube)

Finding Dory came out this weekend and Disney is raking in the big bucks. The sequel to the super popular Finding Nemo had the biggest opening for an animated film in box office history, making $136.2 million.

Disney was expecting it to make around $100 million but they certainly overshot those expectations. It also got a super high score on the film review site Rotten Tomatoes, which gave it a 95% out of 100%.

People love it:

The previous opening week box office record holder was Shrek the Third, making $121.6 million in 2007. Finding Dory has also almost doubled what Finding Nemo made during its opening weekend in 2003.

Watch the trailer for Finding Dory below:

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‘Finding Dory’ made history this weekend

Sydney Moorhead

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