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Chelsea Clinton’s tweet of her son’s birth is rocking the web

Chelsea Clinton

The Clintons are celebrating the birth of a new baby boy. (lifescript/Flickr)

Hillary Clinton is having a pretty exciting June so far. Earlier this month, she made history by becoming the first woman to be nominated for President of the United States--which is definitely a big, big deal.

Then yesterday, her daughter Chelsea Clinton shared the birth of Hillary's second grandchild, Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky.

Chelsea tweeted it on Twitter and--as these things do when you're one of the most talked about people in the US--the news blew up.

Here are the tweets:

Chelsea had her daughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky with husband Marc Mezvinsky back in September 2014. Hillary has made a point to chit chat about Charlotte and being a grandma on the campaign trail, but she hasn't brought Charlotte to any appearances since she wants her to have a normal life.

And if you'll remember, Clinton isn't the only presumptive nominee who's had a grandchild come into the world during the election. Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump gave birth to her son Theodore Trump in March.

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Chelsea Clinton’s tweet of her son’s birth is rocking the web

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