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Canada and California are both now allowing assisted suicide


Two major population centers now accept assisted suicide. (artsturdevant/Flickr)

Both California and Canada are making big changes when it comes to assisted suicide. For California, June 9th marked the day that the End of Life Option Act went into effect. Governor Jerry Brown signed the act into law.

This revolutionary bill means that terminally ill people can know request that their doctors provide them with life-ending medication.

California will be the fifth state to allow end of life options, as Vermont, Oregon, Washington, and Montana have already passed similar bills. The terms of the bill are specific; Patients have to get approval from two doctors for the medication, they must have six or less months to live, and they have to be able to swallow the medication themselves.

At almost the exact same time, the entire country of Canada passed a bill allowing assisted suicide. The bill passed in the Canadian Senate with a vote of 48-22.

The bill is more restrictive than the Senate wanted. They tried to pass an amendment at the last minute expanding the assisted suicide option to people who aren't necessarily close to death, but it failed. The success of the bill is largely seen as a victory for the liberals in Canada.

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Canada and California are both now allowing assisted suicide

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