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‘Angels’ guarded an Orlando funeral from the Westboro Baptist Church


These are some of the signs the Westboro Baptist Church likes to hold up. (comestarmoon/Flickr)

It's been a week since the saddening Orlando shooting and people everywhere are still trying to deal with the tragedy. While mourners throughout the country have put up vigils, there are others expressing hate for the people who died at the gay night club.

Yesterday, a funeral was held for one of the 50 killed in the shooting: 32-year-old Christopher Andrew Leinonen. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church--which is known for its anti-gay beliefs and often protests funerals of LGBTQ people--said they'd be there.

Some of them did show up, but so did hundreds of people in support of Leinonen, his family, and the rest of the people who were killed in Orlando.

One of the most noticeable groups in support of the funeral was the line of people dressed as angels. Although Westboro has a long history of being at LGBTQ funerals, so does the Angel Action Network, which has been offering protection to these funerals for almost two decades.

See the "angels" protect Leinonen's funeral from the hateful Westboro Baptist Church protesters below:

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‘Angels’ guarded an Orlando funeral from the Westboro Baptist Church

Sydney Moorhead

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