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Fallujah, Iraq has FINALLY been retaken from ISIS


The city of Fallujah, Iraq. (Wikimedia Commons)

The battle for Fallujah, Iraq has dragged on for nearly a month, and at long last over 20,000 Iraqi soldiers have wrested control of the city center from ISIS.

The Iraqi army entered Fallujah late May after a week of fighting on the outskirts of the city.

An Iraqi colonel said that ISIS' strength in the city has diminished since they've entered the city:

"ISIS has lost its power to defend Falluja. Its defensive lines have collapsed, and the battle of Falluja will be over in no time."

Another Iraqi counterterrorism commander said, "ISIS has collapsed in Falluja very fast."

This doesn't mean the city is safe from suicide bombings, though:

Although the Iraqis now control most of the city, there are still plenty of combatants lurking in the shadows.

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Fallujah, Iraq has FINALLY been retaken from ISIS

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